Overwatch: Abusing Widowmaker’s scoped view


Game: Overwatch
Category: Stylish
Beauty: 7/10
Opponents Skill: 5/10


There are several things going on in this clip. To appreciate it, consider the following:

  • Genji was reloading so couldn’t attack the Widowmaker.
  • By crouching and approaching a distracted Widowmaker from the side, Genji was out of her scoped view.
  • By activating Genji’s reflect and suddenly jumping into Widowmakers view at point blank range,  the Genji player ensured that when Widowmaker fires, it would be reflected.
  • The shot was pre-aimed at Widowmakers head.

This clip is priceless and showcases the heads up thinking of the Genji player. Thanks to SpeedFrizzle for sharing this clip!

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