Starcraft 2: The bait a group of Mutalisk just can’t resist.


Game: Starcraft 2
Category: Mindgames
Beauty: 9/10
Opponents Skill: 6/10


In Starcraft 2, things can get overwhelming very fast. Despite the games huge importance on micro-managing individual units, there is an alternatively important task of commanding vast armies at different parts of a huge map.

Which is why when a player slows things down and executes a single move involving a simple, elegant mind game that people stop and watch. In this clip, the Terran player (Red) is facing a massive fleet of flying Mutalisk controlled by the Zerg player (blue).

Mutalisk are very mobile and fly in close together formation. They can pick off ground units very quickly and Zerg players love to quickly destroy stray ground units like Siege Tanks for free.

And that is exactly what this Terran player was counting on. By purposefully “placing the tank bait” in a position that looked momentarily undefended by his massive army of Marines, it compelled the Zerg player to move in with his Mutalisk.

Only this tank was protected by several hidden units that have the ability to fire devastating ground to air missles that, normally, a Zerg Player would be aware of. You ALWAYS bring stealth detection alongside such huge groups of Mutalisk.

But that tempting Tank was too juicy of a target. Once the bait was placed, how could the Zerg player resist?

This beautiful clip even ends with hilarious salt. A glorious PvP moment indeed.

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