Street Fighter 5: A perfect can happen any time


Game: Street Fighter 5
Category: Don’t Give Up
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 7/10


There is a saying in the Fighting game community that a perfect can happen anytime. What this means is that even when you have 1 pixel of health yet, you shouldn’t give up because you always have the option of perfecting your opponent– defeating them without getting hit. Think of it like a reverse sweep after already being down 2 matches in a best of 5. All it takes is winning 3 in a row.

This clip gives us the perfect example of why you should never give up. The Claw player in this clip obviously thinks that victory is theirs. So much so, they opt for the lazy win by chipping the Alex player to death with their Super. However, after blocking and living with just a shread of health, Alex goes into beast mode.

Staying calm, Alex pulls off the necessary execution and deliveries a devastating series of combos and reads resulting in a gnarly 0-t0-death comeback. This is what Street Fighter was made for.

Shout outs to TeddieDriver for this amazing clip. Keep up the work in those salt mines.

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