Breakaway: The beauty of a sport and PvP combined.


Game: Breakaway
Category: Don’t Give Up
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 8/10


Have you heard of Breakaway? If not, you should drop everything, including reading this post and play it.

Described as a Team Battle Sport, Breakaway is a fusion of traditional sports goals (get the ball into the place for a point) and MOBA style team combat. The result is frenzied, highly competitive, and extremely tactical

This clip gives you a little taste of the action Breakaway has to offer. The Hero wearing the cowboy hat is Rawlins– think of him like an offensive mid-range hero. In this clip, he has a spec of HP left and literally if he gets hit once, he dies. Dying would be extremely problematic for his team, as 2 of his allies are already dead and the other is very low hp as well.

In Breakaway, when a team gets wiped, the other team gets a point.

So, in a moment of calm greatness, the Rawlins player doesn’t run away or try to survive. He grabs the ball, jukes past 3 enemy heroes, and throws the ball into the score zone perfectly.

What a sweet play! Check out Breakaway if you haven’t at their website here. It is seriously a play and PvP junkies will love it.


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