For Honor – Cinematic 2v1 looks like an action movie sequence

Game: For Honor
Category: Outnumbered
Beauty: 9/10
Opponents Skill: 6/10


Nobushi is one of the flashiest classes in For Honor. Combined that with a dangerous 2 vs. 1 (leaving the Nobushi surrounded) and a skilled player calm enough to identify the correct play and you get a really beautiful moment. The Nobushi in this clips switches back and forth between opponents, keeping each and bay and damaging them effectively with DoT effects. The result is one of the coolest bits of For Honor gameplay. It looks like a commercial for the game!

Shoutouts to @h20Delirious for this cool looking moment. Keeping cool in a 2 v 1 is always difficult but it looks so sweet once it’s pulled off.

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