Breakaway: The beauty of a sport and PvP combined.


Game: Breakaway
Category: Don’t Give Up
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 8/10


Have you heard of Breakaway? If not, you should drop everything, including reading this post and play it.

Described as a Team Battle Sport, Breakaway is a fusion of traditional sports goals (get the ball into the place for a point) and MOBA style team combat. The result is frenzied, highly competitive, and extremely tactical

This clip gives you a little taste of the action Breakaway has to offer. The Hero wearing the cowboy hat is Rawlins– think of him like an offensive mid-range hero. In this clip, he has a spec of HP left and literally if he gets hit once, he dies. Dying would be extremely problematic for his team, as 2 of his allies are already dead and the other is very low hp as well.

In Breakaway, when a team gets wiped, the other team gets a point.

So, in a moment of calm greatness, the Rawlins player doesn’t run away or try to survive. He grabs the ball, jukes past 3 enemy heroes, and throws the ball into the score zone perfectly.

What a sweet play! Check out Breakaway if you haven’t at their website here. It is seriously a play and PvP junkies will love it.


For Honor – Berserker 1v3 inspires us to switch mains.


Game: For Honor
Category: Outnumbered
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 7/10


Sometimes, you just have to wave your axes around and kill multiple opponents right? This clip features some magnificent Berserker play and is a great resource for those looking to up your game and try out what many agree is that hardest class to learn.

Remember, the best defense is a good offense! 

Overwatch: Zenyatta AKA John Wick


Game: Overwatch
Category: Assassination
Beauty: 10/10
Opponents Skill: 6/10


A little-known piece of trivia about Zenyatta from Overwatch is that he has no footstep noise. This is, of course, because he is always floating. It’s not really that useful of a trait, but there are some moments where it comes in handy.

This is one of those moments.

However, to just call this a normal moment is to ignore how mind-blowingly stylish this really is. This Zenyatta player carefully and cautiously avoids detection from the enemy McCree that is looking to flank his team with Dead eye. The McCree never had a chance because Zenyatta, a support hero that normally doesn’t assassinate enemy heroes from point blank, goes undetected thanks to the lack of footstep audio whenever he walks. Any Reaper, Tracer, or Genji who tried this type of stealth would have been detected immediately.

So here is to you Zenyatta. May your kills always be this legendary. Shoutouts to this Reddit user for this clip.

Street Fighter 5: How can you block this mix-up?


Game: Street Fighter 5
Category: Mind Games
Beauty: 9/10
Opponents Skill: N/A


This mixup is so nasty. Ever sick of Ken throwing haymaker Shoryukens every time he gets knocked down? @MFMagnus has the solution for Akuma mains. This flashy mixup delivers a cross-up and fail-safe defense to a mashing Shoryuken Ken.

Shoutouts to the Kens who will face this online and feel compelled to switch characters. You are becoming a better person.



Street Fighter 5: A perfect can happen any time


Game: Street Fighter 5
Category: Don’t Give Up
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 7/10


There is a saying in the Fighting game community that a perfect can happen anytime. What this means is that even when you have 1 pixel of health yet, you shouldn’t give up because you always have the option of perfecting your opponent– defeating them without getting hit. Think of it like a reverse sweep after already being down 2 matches in a best of 5. All it takes is winning 3 in a row.

This clip gives us the perfect example of why you should never give up. The Claw player in this clip obviously thinks that victory is theirs. So much so, they opt for the lazy win by chipping the Alex player to death with their Super. However, after blocking and living with just a shread of health, Alex goes into beast mode.

Staying calm, Alex pulls off the necessary execution and deliveries a devastating series of combos and reads resulting in a gnarly 0-t0-death comeback. This is what Street Fighter was made for.

Shout outs to TeddieDriver for this amazing clip. Keep up the work in those salt mines.

Starcraft 2: The bait a group of Mutalisk just can’t resist.


Game: Starcraft 2
Category: Mindgames
Beauty: 9/10
Opponents Skill: 6/10


In Starcraft 2, things can get overwhelming very fast. Despite the games huge importance on micro-managing individual units, there is an alternatively important task of commanding vast armies at different parts of a huge map.

Which is why when a player slows things down and executes a single move involving a simple, elegant mind game that people stop and watch. In this clip, the Terran player (Red) is facing a massive fleet of flying Mutalisk controlled by the Zerg player (blue).

Mutalisk are very mobile and fly in close together formation. They can pick off ground units very quickly and Zerg players love to quickly destroy stray ground units like Siege Tanks for free.

And that is exactly what this Terran player was counting on. By purposefully “placing the tank bait” in a position that looked momentarily undefended by his massive army of Marines, it compelled the Zerg player to move in with his Mutalisk.

Only this tank was protected by several hidden units that have the ability to fire devastating ground to air missles that, normally, a Zerg Player would be aware of. You ALWAYS bring stealth detection alongside such huge groups of Mutalisk.

But that tempting Tank was too juicy of a target. Once the bait was placed, how could the Zerg player resist?

This beautiful clip even ends with hilarious salt. A glorious PvP moment indeed.

Overwatch: Abusing Widowmaker’s scoped view


Game: Overwatch
Category: Stylish
Beauty: 7/10
Opponents Skill: 5/10


There are several things going on in this clip. To appreciate it, consider the following:

  • Genji was reloading so couldn’t attack the Widowmaker.
  • By crouching and approaching a distracted Widowmaker from the side, Genji was out of her scoped view.
  • By activating Genji’s reflect and suddenly jumping into Widowmakers view at point blank range,  the Genji player ensured that when Widowmaker fires, it would be reflected.
  • The shot was pre-aimed at Widowmakers head.

This clip is priceless and showcases the heads up thinking of the Genji player. Thanks to SpeedFrizzle for sharing this clip!