SSB4: The mutual mind games

Game: Super Smash Brothers 4
Category: Humor
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 8/10


Super Smash Brothers 4 isn’t as fast-paced as its Melee counterpart, but that doesn’t mean the jukes and mind games are absent.

Smash 4 is all about staying safe and predicting when your opponent is about to do something unsafe. So it isn’t too hard to imagine that this moment happens in the middle of two players deep in competitive focus.

The Peach is waiting to see what the Diddy Kong does. The Diddy Kong is waiting to see what the Peach does. And then everything stops and both player shields slowly drop in unison.

This stupid (yet beautiful) moment was brought to us by  and 8BrettMan

SSBM: The moment that started a meme


Game: Super Smash Brothers Melee
Category: Mind Games
Beauty: 7/10
Opponents Skill: 10/10


SSBM is one of the fastest competitive fighters around. It is played at a mind-boggling pace with players individual APM reaching far beyond even Starcraft levels.

That is why when Hax decided to simply walk up next to Mango, the best Smash Brothers player to likely ever grace the game, and deliver a slow telegraphed attack that connects, the crowd goes wild. This moment spawned a meme in itself, starting with the phrase “YO, did he just walk up slowly and X?” filling Twitch Chats and Smash forums everywhere.