SSBM: never sleep on Pikachu


Game: Super Smash Brothers Melee
Category: Don’t give up
Beauty: 9/10
Opponents Skill: 10/10


SSBM has reached veteran status as an eSport and continues to be one of the premier PvP experiences for fighting game players. Not everyone can reach the level of skill and execution needed to compete at high level Melee, but those who do are rewarded with an deep and incredibly rich fighting game.

So we love to feature top plays from recent tournaments. This play comes from Tempo Storm’s Axe. He is the best Pikachu player in the world and single-handedly brings the oft-ignored character to the highest levels of play and respect. During Smash Summit Spring 2017, he starts an incredible comeback vs. Mango when already on his last stock. The momentum by this incredible series of reads and gimps ultimate gives Axe the win.

If you haven’t you have to watch the whole set!