COD: Modern Warfare — The mind games are real

Game: COD Modern Warfare
Category: Mind Games
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 6/10


FPS games are fast paced and extremely cut throat. Players rely on twitch instincts to react immediately to on-screen enemies, shooting first and asking questions later.

Which is why whenever a stealth play happens in the middle of a match, we pause and take notice. In this clip, one player artfully avoids detection even at point blank range, resisting the urge to kill the enemy. Instead, our highlight player waits until the objective is placed so he can disarm it and win the round immediately. So nice.

Shoutouts to @PmL_Tokes for this awesome play. I can’t believe the patience it took to pull this off.

Overwatch: Zenyatta AKA John Wick


Game: Overwatch
Category: Assassination
Beauty: 10/10
Opponents Skill: 6/10


A little-known piece of trivia about Zenyatta from Overwatch is that he has no footstep noise. This is, of course, because he is always floating. It’s not really that useful of a trait, but there are some moments where it comes in handy.

This is one of those moments.

However, to just call this a normal moment is to ignore how mind-blowingly stylish this really is. This Zenyatta player carefully and cautiously avoids detection from the enemy McCree that is looking to flank his team with Dead eye. The McCree never had a chance because Zenyatta, a support hero that normally doesn’t assassinate enemy heroes from point blank, goes undetected thanks to the lack of footstep audio whenever he walks. Any Reaper, Tracer, or Genji who tried this type of stealth would have been detected immediately.

So here is to you Zenyatta. May your kills always be this legendary. Shoutouts to this Reddit user for this clip.